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5 year closed = 2.59%
Gain access to the best rates, terms, and features available.

Looking out for you

When making decisions regarding what is likely the biggest purchase of your life, it is so important to work with someone that is looking out for you and what is best for your unique circumstances. Working with an independent mortgage broker gives you access to many different lenders.

What is a broker?

Brokers find the lowest rates for always considered to be the best. We arrange mortgages for you. We do all the work to arrange the best rates that would take weeks to do yourself. Best of all, it is free!

Why use a broker?

Your lending institution will only advise you on their own product. With a broker to, they advise you on the best products available. Whether you are buying, selling, re-financing, renewing a mortgage, do yourself a favor, and talk to a professional.

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HMC Home Mortgage Canada Corp. is one of Vancouver's oldest and more established brokerage firms with over two and a half decades (That's 25 years!) of trusted service in residential financing.

We are a BROKER who has the lowest RATES for VANCOUVER always considered to be the BEST. We arrange mortgages for you. We do all the work to arrange the BEST RATES that would take weeks to do yourself.

Best of all, it is FREE!

Established in 1985, our goal is to bridge the gap between Borrower and Lender. We service the entire Vancouver area, Vancouver Island, as well as the Fraser Valley and Sea-to-Sky corridor.

Mortgage Broker

Most people are afraid when they hear the word "Mortgage Broker". In the past, you would only consult a Broker as a last resort. THIS IS NO LONGER TRUE!

Nowadays, smart people consult with a broker to gain access to the BEST RATES, terms, and features available.

In fact, you already use Brokers everyday. When you book an Airline ticket with your travel agent, they 'Broker' the deal for the airline. When shopping at a department store, they 'Broker' the merchandise on behalf of many different merchants. When you buy a new home, your Real Estate agent 'Brokers' the property for sale.

As you can see, you already use a Broker everyday to shop for the best deal.

5 Year Rates

Current Rates as of 28-Mar-17

5 year closed


5 year variable Prime -.40



Current Rates as of 28-Mar-17

Terms Current Rates
1 year closed 2.29%
2 year closed 2.24%
3 year closed 2.44%
4 year closed 2.64%
5 year closed 2.59%
5 year variable Prime -.40 2.40%
7 year closed 3.44%
10 year closed 3.84%


Monthly Payments

What will my payments be? Try different scenarios to find the best suited for you.

Principal Outstanding
Annual Interest Rate
Number Of Years


  • Bridgewater Bank
  • CitiFinancial
  • Citizens Bank of Canada
  • FirstLine Mortgages
  • FirstNational Financial LP
  • Home Trust
  • HSBC
  • Laurentian Bank
  • MCAP
  • MRS
  • Peoples Trust
  • Scotiabank
  • Canada Trust
  • Xceed